Sunday, February 10, 2013

Elements of Green ECO Carpet Collection By Franovik's

ECO Carpet collection was specifically created by Franovik's ELEMENTS OF GREEN fashion show division for New York. They call the collection ECO Carpet to create a staple for award shows and venues that need to show elegance while being completely Avant Garde.

For this collection, they wanted to take pieces that already existed (as they do with all our pieces) and create a fresh new look with those special pieces. They played with garments that were donated by friends, clients, followers and some bought pieces that were found in thrift stores.
This magnificent gown is just fierce 
This dress is sheer elegance on the runway 
They take them apart and use the best pieces, because these garments are older, you have to look for the best part and turn it into a new creation. Just like all the other designers, they look at colors, trends and put their inspiration into every piece.

The final is a collection worthy of the "RED CARPET" for any award show, pageant, gala and/or special evening.
This gown is glamours and breath taking

Every piece in this collection is breath taking and shows the incredible talent of the designers Francisco Perez and Viktor Franovik, by recreating each garment into a master piece and making each one stand out and take your breath away.

There website is
Designers: Francisco Perez and Viktor Franovik
MakeUp: Face Future by KN Cosmetics
Photography: Anton Oparin



  1. This collection is really awesome and I adore the idea of it! I found your blog thanks to the GIG community and I am really happy for that. Following you on GFC and FB so I can stay in touch. :)

    Kisses, Lucy :)