Thursday, January 31, 2013

Seven (7) OF My Favorite Avon Items

I wanted to share just a few of my favorite Avon items, the renewal foaming cleanser worked great on my skin. I have combination skin and some products I used have either left my face feeling to greasy or to dry ANEW Reversalist renewal foaming cleanser left my face feeling clean, not greasy nor dry just clean and very smooth, fresh and I loved it.

ANEW REVERSALIST Renewal Foaming Cleanser
The foot works is also one of my favorite, I like to buy the whole kit and pamper myself and daughter by giving ourselves a pedicure and just soak our feet and just pamper ourselves. It works great on our feet we use the whole kit its like we went to the salon to get our feet done, this is great to have to take good care of your feet.
Foot Works Healthy 5-Piece Pedi Collection
I just started using moisture effective eye makeup remover lotion because of my niece she cam over to visit and I had bought an eye makeup remover and it left my eyes feeling very dry and that is not a nice feeling, your eyes need moisture. My niece let me borrow your eye makeup which was the moisture effective hydra efficace and it worked wonderfully, it removed the eye makeup and it left my eyes feeling clean and soft which is needed your eyes are very delicate and one should be very gentle with their eyes.
Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion
I really like the ANEW rejuvenate and I tried it out with the regimen kit and I was able to try out all that ANEW rejuvenate had to offer in a trial size kit which is really a nice size, you do get a lot of product for it being just a regimen kit. Avon offers the ANEW rejuvenate for all the different age groups and this regimen kit gives you the opportunity to try out the product at any affordable price. I liked the way it left my skin feeling after using this product, it left my skin feeling moisturized and not greasy it felt healthy and gave my skin a glow which is amazing.  
The ANEW REJUVENATE Full Size Regimen Kit
The skin softener is a great cream and Avon has them in different scents, I like Far Away scent and it is so creamy and smooth and the scent last for a a long time and this may change depending what you maybe doing during the day , but it does last a long time and the scent is not over powering which is a plus in my book.
Far Away Perfumed Skin Softener
Far Away Eau de parfum spray is my favorite because of the beautiful soft scent it has, it is a light parfum but not so heavy just a few spray's on your neck, wrist, back of your knee and little down you back and you are set.
Far Away Eau de Parfum Spray
Skin So Soft bath oil is wonderful , I love to put just two cupfuls in my bath and soak in the bath and relax the entire bathroom has this wonderful aroma and you just can't help but feel pampered. This bath oil makes my skin really feel soft and moisturized and great for the summer to help keep mosquitoes away.

SKIN SO SOFT Original Bath Oil
These are just a few of my favorites from Avon which are your favorites from Avon and what would you recommend.


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