Friday, January 11, 2013

Monif C Swim 2013: Bringing the heat in Winter

Here is a a first look into Monif C Swim 2013 Swimwear, somethings to look forward to if at this moment you can see snow in your front door. Getting a look at a few pieces that can be in your closet for the summer, start warming up to the idea of having one of Monif C swim wear in your closet. 

The blue fringe on this bathing suit makes it stand out even more and helps cover up if you have a little bit of belly and there is no shame in that.
This two piece black bathing suit looks amazing love how the bottom portion is gathered and gives it in even pretty look and the mid section piece just makes the whole look.
This blue off the shoulder is smoking hot, very sultry looking and glamours, with a tie skirt this bathing suit is just a fabulous piece to have.



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