Sunday, November 18, 2012

1426 Fashion Week Model Image Seminar Dynamic Panel

1426 Fashion week in Miami has an exciting model image seminar with a dynamic panel of experts that made this part of the event an eye opener for the young ladies and men in the audience, who have chosen a career in modeling, everyone on the panel were pillars of information. The first to speak was Alana from and she shared with the group the important of the correct bra and under garments for your body type and the proper care for them.

Tyler Molinari from Posche Models  spoke on hard work and determination to peruse your dreams and the importance of having a great personality and to be confident be a firecracker. He also shared his personnel experiences with the audience the do's and don'ts to also make sure to learn the business study your craft,Tyler Molinari was just amazing and I look forward to the next time.

Ava Jones of Pheline CEO and Design Director gave implacable feedback to the audience as well as sound advice on how to make sure to know your measurements, what to wear to a model call and to walk with confidence. Ava is also a magnificent designer her clothing line will leave you breathless, its a must see and a must have.

Fallon Sinclair of IPM Models also shared her experiences and the importance of looking your best at all times when on a casting call, and the different types of models and modeling, a lot of the audience member's were not aware of this golden tad bit. Fallon also shared the importance of having a great portfolio and developing your own model walk/ runway walk, she had everyone on the edge of their seats longing to hear more.
Myra Patterson, CEO Chayil Models & Talent management shared with everyone the importance of investing in yourself and to get prepared standout share with the world what makes you different to help you land the job. To have different looks in your portfolio be always prepared, be respectful and polite to the designer.
And Linda Scott the founder and CEO of 1426 also shared with everyone her experiences and spoke on the importance of being healthy even if you are plus sized to take care of your health and body to always be at your best at all times. Take dance lesson's or yoga keep yourself active and even voice lessons to help develop your voice to speak clearly and even help your confidence.

Alana From Soma

China Mua Smith from Unique faces gave excellent advice regarding proper removal of makeup and how to keep your face healthy and clean. The ladies in the audience had a great time, the questions were non-stop especially form me. China answered all of their questions and shared some of her beauty tips and her famous oatmeal scrub. You can visit her page Unique Faces  to get more information on her and her fabulous staff.

AC was just an injection of pure energy once he stepped into the room, he spoke on keeping your body in movement and not punishing your body and working from within the mind to the body he is a great motivator  you can get more information on AC's Get Lean And Fit page. For media inquiries and booking AC Atlanta 
contact LaTanya O'Kelly, Publicist The O'Kelly Factor 678-431-6462

This seminar was just amazing everyone on the panel was just a  of information and I look forward to when this team will get together again.