Monday, September 24, 2012

Get Swept away with Trident: #Seewhatunfolds

When was the last time you let yourself get swept away in a little fun?  If you know me you know i am spontaneous and quite out there in a good way. When i'm in the supermarket and i hear that song that makes me move i start busting out moves like  Iris Chacón . And because i am a Curvy girl i tend to get noticed, so when a crowd gathers i pull a few people in to dance with me and guess what? They do! We all have a good time.  I'll tell you another one, because i am always getting swept away in a bit of fun i have so many stories to share. So I was at a store and because i sprained my ankle i couldn't walk, so i decided to get into one of those Mart-Karts. I Drove my mart-kart next to this elderly gentleman, looked him in the eyes and mouthed "Do you want to race"? To My surprise he said yes and off we went racing down the isles, funny thing is his wife looked all around like what just happened? Where'd my husband go? lol 

I am always trying to have some sort of fun, hey! you only live once why not! This is why i love the new campaign Trident came up with. Trident is encouraging you to take the unexpected turn, the road less traveled and see what unfolds. Trident chewing gum invites you to “See What Unfolds” when its flavors create a spark that ignites a journey connecting you to the positivity you've always had inside.  

I went to the supermarket (So many memories lol) and picked up two packs of Trident Layers one in Wild Strawberry Tangy Citrus and Juicy Berry Tangerine (Which is my favorite one so far!)  
The new Trident Layers flavors include a line up of unique blends including Wild Strawberry + Tangy Citrus,  Peach + Mango, and Juicy Berry + Tangy Tangerine.

This fun video is brought to you by great-tasting Trident Gum. Trident: See What Unfolds.

Have you every been swept away in a bit of fun? Have you ever done anything spontaneous

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and TRIDENT. However, all opinions expressed are my own.



  1. OMG! This made me laugh so hard! I have a mental picture.