Sunday, August 26, 2012

Project Runway’ designer Ven Budhu Plus Size problem

Thursday night’s Project Runway made me scream at my tv and throwing punches in the air like a mad woman because i was in utter shock. Ven was my Favorite until Thursday night's episode. I was flabbergasted when he told the cameras when he first saw Terri he was “in shock” Because she was bigger than he would like. 

He goes on to say that  ”Working with a plus-size person is very, very challenging,” he told the cameras. Later on, he told Tim Gunn, “My client doesn’t really have a shape. She doesn’t have any sense of style whatsoever.” Hold the phone mister, aren't you plus sized yourself? Someone had the talent to make clothing for you, why can't you make clothing for a beautiful plus size woman? Then he complains the whole remainder of the show, how it was not fair for him to have a plus size client, and that nothing fits her. 

He goes on to make fun of her appearance and made up a random age saying she looked like she was 40 years old which is far from the truth, how disrespectful . 

Tim Gunn recognized the problems with Ven's approach right away. As Ven chortled in disgust at his estimate that his client was a size 14, Tim pointed out that that's only "on the cusp" of plus sizes. Ven insisted she "doesn't have a shape," and doesn't have any sense of style whatsoever."  

Ven treated Terri so rudely that she wound up in tears, to the point where other participants in the challenge were comforting her. To make a person breakdown in tears in front of total strangers because of how you made them feel, that's cruel and abusive. They brought her there to give her a make over, what she got instead was somebody trying to completely tear down her self-esteem.

The outfit he made for her was awful, i'm sorry but he could have done better. She is a gorgeous woman, if you put the right fabrics together you could have played up her amazing features.  

He defends himself on twitter saying,
You should always treat everybody with respect, no matter their sex, age, weight, color, sexual orientation and faith.  

You can be apologetic now, but you made a very very bad career move. As a designer you have to be able to work with all body types. (Just in case you did not know Ven you are plus sized also) Just throwing that out there.... 

He stated that "Everyone’s client was enthusiastic about being there and his client was miserable from the first day they met." Of course she was upset, you were hurling insults towards her as if she wasn't even in the room. He made her feel awful, how would you like someone doing that to you? 

Let me ask you this Ven was what you did worth it? Now your getting treated the same way you treated Terri.. How does it feel? Not very good does it..   I hope this teaches him a very good lesson in life,that if our words are not chosen wisely it can be the end of us.  Ven you have potential to be a great designer, but perhaps just a tad bit of growing up to do. 

Wishing you all the best Ven Budhu and Terri you are fabulous and absolutely beautiful a true beauty. 

What are thoughts on what happened on Thursday nights Project runway? Do you think if Ven apologizes that would be enough? 

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