Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Knit Tank Top



  1. I've been peeking at ur page for a while now...but just now am following, for real, for real. I had weight loss surgery, used to be a size 24, now I'm in a 0/1 or 2 sometimes...

    I still get my beloved Ashley Stewart & Lane Bryant mailers with those awesome coupons. Guess where I don't get them from? The Gap, H & M, etc, you get the picture...

    As someone who really did have my surgery to help me avoid a serious obesity-related illness, I find from time to time that I miss my former curvaceous self...but, even more important, I love all people & embrace all shades of us as women of color.

    Love your blog. I hope you'll check out either one one mine & become a friend too.