Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Boudoir Workshop Using Their First Plus Size Models

Location of the Shoot
Covering a Boudoir Workshop for Jesus Bernardo Nieves a great photographer from Puerto Rico was a dream come true. First of all it took place in a beautiful Castle in the hills of Trujillo Alto in Puerto Rico, it was a castle built by an Aristocrat from Europe many years ago, it was his Summer Home, then he sold it when he fell ill. 

Beautiful grounds
This particular Workshop was different, Jesus used his first Plus Size Model with his thin models. I arrived at the Castle, it was breathtaking, chatted with the models and walked the grounds. Jesus had a full house of photographers for the workshop and I saw that they felt so comfortable with the plus size model taking pics in Lingerie, that made me happy because women of all sizes can wear Lingerie and look sexy too, this was the message that Bernardo wanted to get out. 

 Beautiful models used for the  Boudoir  Workshop
The Lingerie was from the beautiful boutique Blossom, the girls talked so foundly about the owner Nanette and how sweet she was for giving them the Lingerie, that’s what I love about my Island people have big hearts and are always willing to help out. I want to congratulate Jesus for taking a chance with a plus size model and I want to congratulate the models, especially Delorean TorresRaiza Gonzales and Plus size model Ana Garcia, they all looked amazing. I hope this isn't the last time he will use a Plus Size Model  for his workshop and you can be sure if he does I will be there in the front row!
To find out more about this please visit at this link: Boudoir
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