Friday, April 6, 2012

Plus Model Ana Garcia Chosen for Newspaper Editorial

Ana Garcia, Plus Model from Puerto Rico chosen for a mega Shoot in leading Newspap
Coming from a beautiful Island, Puerto Rico, it is not easy for a Plus Size Model to be ackowledged, it is a thin models territory, but things are changing around. Ever since Torrid came to town with their model search and I saw the beautiful girls that they selected for the fashion show I became a Plus Size Advocate, because I noticed that our Plus Size Community was not recognized  and ignored and I made it my mission in life to change things around, I wanted mainstream magazines and boutiques to notice my curvy girls.  It was not easy at first because I knocked on many doors and they did not open, but I perseveared, didn’t give up and my hard work payed off. The first ones to recognize a Plus Size Model were Casiano Communications and then others followed, like Buenavida, Inelda Santana from Style & Mode, Esposa Moderna, Ego Magazine, Nanette Rodriguez from Blossom Boutique and photographer Vanessa Velez. They started using Plus Size Models for editorials. Vanessa Velez did a boudoir shoot with a Plus Size Model that was the talk of the town, simply beautiful and classy. Nanette Rodiguez used a Plus Size Model for a lingerie fashion show that only use thin models, that was a mega hit!  Today, I am proud to announce that the number one newspaper on the Island has done a shoot with a Plus Size Model for their fashion editorial and it was always done with thin models, that day was very emotional for me because Puerto Rico is waking up and seeing that Plus is Beautiful too and my hard work has paid off… I want to congratulate the Plus Size Model  Ana Garcia for being the model chosen for this mega shoot and also congratulate other plus models like Samantha Sang, and Anais Conde for also being featured in mainstream magazines. I feel blessed!!
Plus Model Samantha Sang

Plus Model Anais Conde

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  1. Marta congratulations my dear!! and so proud of u baby!! u are a super super blogger!! i like ur job!!! muacks!!! asome!! Odalyz