Sunday, May 1, 2011

YouTube - The Big Ballet

When we go to the ballet, we see these young ladies and men that are very slender and built and give a wonderful performance and we have become accustom to seeing this. But with the Big Ballet From Russia gives Ballet a truly new meaning and just takes our breath away, as we see all these plus size beauties show the world that big girls can dance.

And don't think that because these young ladies have a fuller figure's doesn't mean they don't work out as hard as any dancer do, oh no they do work as hard or even more so because of there size and yes there backstage room looks like a buffet. The reason for this is they must maintain a plus size figure and because they work out so much and dance they are losing weight, which is a good thing but they need the dancers to be of a much fuller size a BBW. The Big Ballet troupe of Russia, average weight: 252lb.

The plus-sized Russian ballerinas perform in tutus and on point, just like their slim counterparts, but they have a rule that a traditional prima ballerina only dreams of: If you lose weight, you're out.

They have no body image problems and welcome laughter from the audience.

"I'm not ashamed of what I am," said Tatiana Gladkih, the slimmest of the ballerinas, at 200 pounds. "We expect people to laugh when we show them something funny."

And the women certainly strive to be funny. The second half of the program is pure slapstick when the girls are paired with male dancers who are a fraction of their size.

You have to admire these ladies as they go out and dance there hearts out and show the world that if you are a plus sized person you can do more than what you think. You just have to go out there and try it out.

YouTube - The Big Ballet

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  1. This is so awesome! My daughter is an avid ballerina and sees nothing but stick thin ballerinas to aspire to, I think these are some really grounding images. Thank you!!