Monday, May 2, 2011

Childhood Obesity Group And There Ads Rely On Fat-Shaming

This is the sickest thing I have seen OMG how can they saw they are brining awareness to childhood obesity by putting kids down by saying to them There's something wrong with you. Life is a test, and you're failing. If people treat you badly, you deserve it

What the heck is this kind of junk no way, this is right and you cant justify it at all. There is a much better way to bring awareness and to share the message of better health. Using children to say these awful things is sick, yes they are actors but guess what they got paid for doing a job but it was awful.

I am an advocate for the plus size community and for a better healthy living style, we are not blind to all the health concerns and all the complication that being over weight can bring. But using kids that are a heavy is just not the right way to share your message.

Perhaps using the kids in a different light, the kids working out, playing outside, skating making it a much more energetic campaign. And at the same time brining light to the hazards that come with being overweight. "Just a foot note not every fat person is sickly and unhealthy" .

I actually like what Mrs. Obama is doing with The Disney channel, why doesn't this group give her a call to retrain them in sensativatie . The Stop childhood Obesity group should rethink seriously there ad campaign there method is getting the wrong kind of attention and the bottom line is we all want the best for our children as they are our future.

It is hard enough being a kid and then to be overweight we get picked on even more. So lets rethink these ads and put a little bit more love in them with honest truth and not what this group considers straight talk.

This is wrong on so many levels and sick, they have to rethink there methods of sharing there message and to look at what they are really saying. This to me is a real WTFreak moment, and is anyone listening to what this organization is doing and saying. This is what I call modern day bullying just with an ad, how can you say that kids want straight talk, someone should contact them and tell them the differences between straight talk and trash talking because that is what it is to me and so many others.

This is there Facebook page and there mission statement

Basic Information

About exists to put an end to the epidemic of childhood obesity.
Mission is radically dedicated to saving the next generation of Georgia’s 2.7MM children by fighting obesity – one child at a time. We will change the reality that Georgia has the 2nd highest rate of childhood obesity in the U.S. through information, education and empowerment.

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Childhood Obesity Ads Rely On Fat-Shaming
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