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Body Image and Self Worth

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What does body image mean:
Definition by Wikipedia

Body image is a term which may refer to a person's perception of his or her own physical appearance, or the interpretation of the body by the brain. Body image can be described as how individuals see themselves when looking in a mirror, or when picturing themselves in their mind, and their ideas about their body, such as height, shape, and weight and age. Essentially, body image describes how one perceives one's appearance to be in relation to others,which in many cases may be dramatically different from one's objective physical condition or how one is actually perceived by others.

No matter how many reports are out out there nor how many blogs about self esteem and self worth it is always up to the person to start believing in themselves regardless of what is put out there i know, i know its easier said then done but you have to try at least to see yourself as the beautiful and wonderful person you really are. And that you are not a number on a scale, yes we all understand there are health risk if you are overweight and there are health risk if you are underweight also, it is finding a happy medium and not going over board.

Self Worth mean:
The value one assigns to oneself or one's abilities in self assessment, dignity: the quality of being worthy of esteem or respect.

There is so much pressure in society for men and women to be perfect but it is more towards women you can see this in all the magazines and TV programs you can see this. And my question is for what? To promote better life quality i don't think so, when you have pictures of only skin and bones. Or if you reach this unrealistic goal you will be loved by all and if you don't achieve the perfect look you wont fit in you will be all alone or nothing if you don't have the perfect body "oh really". I don't think so

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Consider this what have we done to our women by telling them hey you are not good enough the way you look you have to look like a Barbie just with bigger boobs, what message are we sending out as a society to our young girls? That you have to be thin to be in, what about you should learn to be a better person inside and out you can do anything you want, you can become anything you want, that education is paramount. No we don't we just go ahead and tell them its all about beauty and fitting in. Well my grandma said to me: that beauty fades and then what? What else do i have to offer what else can i do, hum yea I THOUGHT so. Lets put the focus back on what really counts being healthy learning all we can sharing positive self images to our young girls and to our curvy women show them support and love at all times lets change the message of body image we are sending out.

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