Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Women trying to be the fattest in the world

Just wanted to share this with you, even though i know you have had heard this on the news and seen it around the net, but i cant believe this. Its about a young lady who actually wants to be the fattest women in the world this is the biggest WTF i have ever heard.

I am an activist for the plus size community and i personally find this to be sick, since this can kill her i know i know there a lot of people who love some women to gain weight and men also and there are many sites dedicate for this. And hey to each his own you can say but when your goal is to destroy yourself.

All of can see that this is a text book cry for attention and help we just all wish you would not kill yourself in this slow suicide process and this is what it is because gaining so much weight will effect Donnna Simpsons heart.

As stated in the article HOME :: Health-and-Fitness / Obesity
Being Overweight Can Hurt Your Chances For a Long and Healthy Life By Michael Sanjaya

Weight gain during adulthood increases the risk of coronary disease. And the older you get, the greater your risk becomes. These results indicate that being overweight is a major cause of death from heart disease among women worldwide. Weight loss is guilty of both age and sex discrimination. Young women gain more weight than young men, but older women lose more weight than older men. Due to reduce physical activity and other lifestyle changes beginning in early adulthood, men and women between ages 25 and 34 are likely to gain an average of seven pounds over their next 10 years. Younger women are more likely than men of the same age bracket to add extra weight. The average male is expected to pick up an additional 6-7 pounds between his 25th and 35th birthdays.

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This is truly not the way to go and we all know this, and we just all hope that Donna can see this before she loses her life. Donna as a person has so much to offer and as a mother even more and we all wish she can see this. To anyone who is looking to gain weight look into this before going there your health is first thing to consider

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